Arsenate substitution in synthetic hydroxylapatite – structural characterization of the Ca5 (PO4 ) x (AsO4 )3-x OH solid solution

Patrycja Chlebowska, Maria Młynarska, Maciej Manecki, Bartosz Puzio


Hydroxylapatite Ca5(PO4)3OH (HAP) and johnbaumite Ca5(AsO4)3OH (AsHAP) are isostructural apatite minerals naturally occurring in the oxidation zones. The main objective of this research is identification of systematic relation between structural and spectral properties and As content in the series.


Lee Y.J., Stephens P.W., Tang Y., Li W. & Phillips B.L., Parise J.B. & Reeder R.J., 2009. Arsenate substitution in hydroxylapatite: Structural characterization of the Ca5(PxAs1-xO4)3OH solid solution. American Mineralogist, 94, 666–675.

Zhu Y. & Zhang X. & Long F. & Liu H. & Qian M. & He N., 2009. Synthesis and characterization of arsenate/phosphate hydroxyapatite solid solution. Material Letters, 63, 1185–1188.



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