Journal History

The journal Geology, Geophysics and Environment is a quarterly, publishing original scientific papers in English. Contributions accepted for print are pertain to broadly understood Earth and environmental sciences, with particular emphasis on abiotic elements of the environment. All papers eventually published are first evaluated by two independent reviewers. Papers are than available both in printed and on-line versions on the website of the journal. The journal Geology, Geophysics and Environment has been published since 2012 and is edited by the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection, AGH University of Science and Technology. It is a continuation of a journal series devoted to Earth Sciences published by the AGH printing houses. Since the mid-1950s, the papers in the Earth Science area have been published within the series of Zeszyty naukowe AGH – Geologia. Throughout the two decades of its operations, some 120 scientific papers were published. Individual issues of the series were printed on an irregular basis. In 1973, the Rector of the AGH University of Science and Technology established Kwartalnik AGH Geologia in place of the Zeszyty naukowe AGH – Geologia. Since that time, the journal has appeared in four issues a year, with some additional occasional special issues. From 1973 to 2011, 37 volumes (ca. 150 issues) of the Kwartalnik AGH Geologia were issued containing more than 500 scientific papers. In 2012, Kwartalnik AGH Geologia was transformed into Geology, Geophysics and Environment. As a result to that development, the spectrum of papers accepted and printed was broadened by expanding the topics to include areas from the field of environmental sciences.

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The journal is the beneficiary of the "Support for scientific journals” (“Wsparcie dla czasopism naukowych”) programme founded by Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland in 2019-2020.