Applying of the transient electromagnetic method to exploration of oil and gas fields in the area of Grabownica Starzeńska - Humniska - Brzozów



he paper presents the geologic and geoelectric characteristics of the Grabownica Starzeńska - Humniska - Brzozów area (Polish Eastern Carpathians) based on electric logs and downhole geologic data. Synthetic TDEM sounding curves were calculated based on electric log data from four boreholes from the study area. The synthetic sounding curves were analysed from the point of view of possible interpretation of high-resistivity layers that could be prospective for oil and gas exploration. The 1D Occam interpretation of chosen TDEM soundings from profiles that ran across the Humniska Brzozów-7 borehole, was performed. The integrated data interpretation was made to estimate the capability of TDEM method to map hydrocarbon deposits at the study area.


transient electromagnetic method, TDEM, sounding curves, electric log data, high-resistivity layer, Lower Cretaceous

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