• Marcin Pietron
  • Pawel Russek
  • Kazimierz Wiatr



This paper presents implementations of a few selected SQL operations using theCUDA programming framework on the GPU platform. Nowadays, the GPU’sparallel architectures give a high speed-up on certain problems. Therefore, thenumber of non-graphical problems that can be run and sped-up on the GPUstill increases. Especially, there has been a lot of research in data mining onGPUs. In many cases it proves the advantage of offloading processing fromthe CPU to the GPU. At the beginning of our project we chose the set ofSELECT WHERE and SELECT JOIN instructions as the most common op-erations used in databases. We parallelized these SQL operations using threemain mechanisms in CUDA: thread group hierarchy, shared memories, andbarrier synchronization. Our results show that the implemented highly parallelSELECT WHERE and SELECT JOIN operations on the GPU platform canbe significantly faster than the sequential one in a database system run on theCPU.


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Pietron, M., Russek, P., & Wiatr, K. (2013). ACCELERATING SELECT WHERE AND SELECT JOIN QUERIES ON A GPU. Computer Science, 14(2), 243.




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