Comparison of Hybrid Sorting Algorithms Implemented on Different Parallel Hardware Platforms


  • Dominik Zurek
  • Marcin Pietron
  • Maciej Wielgosz
  • Kazimierz Wiatr



parallel algorithms, GPU, OpenMP, CUDA, sorting networks, merge-sort


Sorting is a common problem in computer science. There are lot of well-known sorting algorithms created for sequential execution on a single processor. Recently, hardware platforms enable to create wide parallel algorithms. We have standard processors consist of multiple cores and hardware accelerators like GPU. The graphic cards with their parallel architecture give new possibility to speed up many algorithms. In this paper we describe results of implementation of a few different sorting algorithms on GPU cards and multicore processors. Then hybrid algorithm will be presented which consists of parts executed on both platforms, standard CPU and GPU.


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Zurek, D., Pietron, M., Wielgosz, M., & Wiatr, K. (2013). Comparison of Hybrid Sorting Algorithms Implemented on Different Parallel Hardware Platforms. Computer Science, 14(4), 679.




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