Zofia Kwak, Aldona Garbacz-Klempka, Małgorzata Perek-Nowak, Łukasz Szymański


The studied ingots were made of alloys with a similar zirconium ratio, typically be given as: EN AW-7010 [AlZn6MgCu] and EN AW-7003 [Al Zn6Mg0,8Zr], in accordance with European standard PN-EN 573-3:2014-02 English version. The symbols S and K are our internal modifications, compatible with the standard. The added zirconium was intended to improve the tensile strength resulting from plastic forming and an increasing resistance to cracking. Samples were taken from ingots made in the process of semi-continuous casting, some of which were homogenized; however, non-homogenized samples were also analyzed. The tests of tensile strength for the 7003, 7003S, and 7010K alloys were conducted longitudinally and transversely to the casting direction.The tensile strength test for 7010 was conducted only transversely to the direction of casting. The aim of this publication is to present the results of strength test sand to show a correlation between the basic properties of 7xxx-series aluminum alloys; i.e., relative elongation E, yield strength YS, and ultimate tensile strength UTS.


Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys, DC casting, quality of ingots, mechanical properties

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