New survey of lead and zinc ore mineralization in Republic of Kosovo

Joanna KOŁODZIEJCZYK, Jaroslav PRSEK, Halil QELA, Burim Asllani


Kosovo lead and zinc ore deposits are located in the Trepca Belt which extends for over 80 km. Several ore deposits occur in that belt, with the most important - Stan Terg (Trepca). Stan Terg deposit originating at the contact between volcanic breccias and carbonate rocks. Two different types of mineralization can be distinguished. The older one has origin related to pneumatolitic processes, when skarns were formed. The more recent one was formed by hydrothermal processes and has the largest economic importance. Over 70 minerals have been recognized in the Trepca deposit. Further mineralogical investigations will allow for the identification of other rare minerals.


ore mineralogy, Kosovo, Trepca deposit

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