Statistical evaluation of the geochemical data for prospecting polymetallic mineralization in the Suoi Thau – Sang Than region, Northeast Vietnam


  • Khuong The Hung Hanoi University of Mining and Geology; 100000 Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Pham Nhu Sang Hanoi University of Mining and Geology; 100000 Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Nguyen Phuong Hanoi University of Mining and Geology; 100000 Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Vu Thai Linh Hanoi University of Mining and Geology; 100000 Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Bui Viet Sang Intergeo Division; 100000 Hanoi, Vietnam



polymetallic mineralization , statistical evaluation , Suoi Thau-Sang Than region , Vietnam


In Northeast Vietnam, Suoi Thau-Sang Than is considered as a high potential area of polymetallic deposits. 1,720 geochemical samples were used to investigate polymetallic mineralization; thereby polymetallic ore occurrences in this study region were discovered and the statistical and multivariate analysis helps to define geochemical anomalies in some northeastern regions, namely Suoi Thau, Sang Than, and Ban Kep.
The statistical method and cluster analysis of geochemical data indicate that the Cu, Pb, and Zn elements are good indicators, and most of them comply with the lognormal or gamma distribution. Based on the third-order threshold, the geochemical anomalies of the content of the Cu, Pb, and Zn elements reflect the concentration of copper forming ore bodies in the mineralized zone, and clearly show the concentration in three distinct zones. The trend surface analysis which was employed to determine spatial variations and relationships among these good indicator elements and anomalous areas revealed relative changes in the content of the indicator elements, and they can be considered as regular. Moreover, the goodness of fit obtained trend functions of Pb and Zn, and Cu elements is a third-degree trend surface model. These results indicate that the models can be useful in studying geochemical anomalies and analyzing the tendency of the concentration of indicator elements in the Suoi Thau-Sang Than region. Additionally, it is suggested that the statistical analysis shows a remarkable potential to use the bottom river sediments in the region to investigate polymetallic mineralization. Moreover, geochemical data can help to evaluate geochemical anomalies of the pathfinder elements and potential mineral mapping of the Suoi Thau-Sang Than region in Northeast Vietnam.


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