Policy-based SLA storage management model for distributed data storage services

Darin Nikolow, Renata Slota, Stanislaw Polak, Marek Pogoda, Jacek Kitowski


There is  high demand for storage related services supporting scientists in their research activities. Those services are expected to provide not only capacity but also features allowing for more flexible and cost efficient usage. Such features include easy multiplatform data access, long term data retention, support for performance and cost differentiating of SLA restricted data access. The paper presents a policy-based SLA storage management model for distributed data storage services. The model allows for automated management of distributed data aimed at QoS provisioning with no strict resource reservation. The problem of providing  users with the required QoS requirements is complex, and therefore the model implements heuristic approach  for solving it. The corresponding system architecture, metrics and methods for SLA focused storage management are developed and tested in a real, nationwide environment.


Distributed Storage Systems; Quality of Service; Service Level Agreement; Management Model; Heuristics

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7494/csci.2018.19.4.2878


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