Agent-Based Monitoring Using Fuzzy Logic and Rules


  • Włodzimierz Funika AGH University of Science and Technology
  • Filip Szura AGH University of Science and Technology
  • Jacek Kitowski AGH University of Science and Technology



resource monitoring, faults, automation, fuzzy sets, rules, agents


In this paper we present two solutions of monitoring automation for distributed systems. We develop this system to automate monitoring of distributes systems. Both solutions are aimed to monitor data storage and web services like web page servers. The first solution implemented in a system called Saude-Net, is an rule-based top level monitoring tool. In this system there are implemented rules which provide conditions which refer to one or more measured values. This system is able to choose the best action for an observed situation, e.g. a failure. It is possible to define more than one rule which relate to the same monitoring resource. The second concept presented in this paper refers to a fuzzy logic agent based approach to network monitoring. It is called SAMM compliant Agent. It is an extension to the Semantic-based Autonomous Monitoring and Management system (SAMM). On the one hand, it uses rules to define simple actions, based on a simple condition and an action description. On the other hand the main knowledge of this solution is defined by fuzzy logic. This system is able to manage and modify its knowledge to better fit to monitored resources. The knowledge in this concept is distributed among all the agents. The agents residing on a different hosts handle their parts of the knowledge and are capable to share/exchange them.


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Author Biographies

Włodzimierz Funika, AGH University of Science and Technology

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics,IT and Electronics

Filip Szura, AGH University of Science and Technology

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics,IT and Electronics

Jacek Kitowski, AGH University of Science and Technology

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics,IT and Electronics


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Funika, W., Szura, F., & Kitowski, J. (2011). Agent-Based Monitoring Using Fuzzy Logic and Rules. Computer Science, 12, 103.




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