A UML 2.0 Activity Diagrams/CSP Integrated Approach for Modeling and Verification of Software Systems


  • Raida Elmansouri MISC Laboratory, University Constantine 2 – Abdelhamid Mehri; Algeria;
  • Said Meghzili MISC Laboratory, University Constantine 2 – Abdelhamid Mehri; Algeria;
  • Allaoua Chaoui MISC Laboratory, University Constantine 2 – Abdelhamid Mehri; Algeria;




This paper proposes an approach integrating UML 2.0 Activity Diagrams (UML2-AD) and Communicating Sequential Process (CSP) for modeling and verication of software systems. A UML2-AD is used for modeling a software system while CSP is used for verication purposes. The proposed approach consists of another way of transforming UML2-AD models to Communicating Sequential Process (CSP) models. It focuses also on checking the correctness of some properties of the transformation itself. These properties are specified using Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) and verified using the GROOVE model checker. This approach is based on Model Driven Engineering (MDE). The meta-modelling is realized using AToMPM tool while the model transformation and the correctness of its properties are realized using GROOVE tool. Finally, we illustrated this approach through a case study.


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