Two-dimensional HP-adaptive Algorithm for Continuous Approximations of Material Data Using Space Projection


  • Piotr Gurgul
  • Marcin Sieniek
  • Maciej Paszynski
  • Lukasz Madej
  • Nathan Collier



adaptive finite element method, projection operator, digital material representation


In this paper we utilize the concept of the L2 and H1 projections used toadaptively generate a continuous approximation of an input material data inthe finite element (FE) base. This approximation, along with a correspondingFE mesh, can be used as material data for FE solvers. We begin with a brieftheoretical background, followed by description of the hp-adaptive algorithmadopted here to improve gradually quality of the projections. We investigatealso a few distinct sample problems, apply the aforementioned algorithms andconclude with numerical results evaluation.


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Gurgul, P., Sieniek, M., Paszynski, M., Madej, L., & Collier, N. (2013). Two-dimensional HP-adaptive Algorithm for Continuous Approximations of Material Data Using Space Projection. Computer Science, 14(1), 97.