“Euro-Mineral” and “Euro-Gem” 2010 in Sainte Marie aux Mines, Alsace, France – perfectly prepared geotouristic product for everyone

Marek Łodziński


The paper is a brief information about largest in Europe exhibition and fair of minerals and precious stones (“Exposition-Bourse Internationale de Mineraux-Fossiles-Pierres Precieuses-Bijoux”), which is held each year, in mid June, in a small town Sainte Marie aux Mines in Alsace, France. The town, located on the eastern slopes of the Vosges Mts., is a historical mining camp of silver ores. The exhibition, better known under the working names “Euro-Mineral” and “Euro-Gem”, still continues the traditional links with attracts not only minerals and fossils collectioners, prospectors and dealers but also jewellers, scientists, travellers and common tourists from all over the world – all those, who are interested in minerals and rocks from the Earth and from the Space.


Sainte Marie aux Mines, France, Vosges Mts., “Euro -Mineral”, “Euro-Gem”, geotouristic product

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7494/geotour.2010.22-23.75


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