New article in Geotourism no 3-4(50-51)2017


The next "early bird" from Geotourism no 3-4(50-51)2017 is available now - please, use the link below:

The influence of lithology and tectonics on the development of the karst landscape in the Dong Van Global Geopark, NE Vietnam - Manh Ha Doan, Elżbieta Gałka (Received:2018.03.19 // Reviewed:2018.04.23; 2018.04.27 // Accepted:2018.10.08)

Posted: 2018-11-08

"Early Bird" from GEOTOURISM issue (50-51)2017


The first "early bird" from Geotourism no 3-4(50-51)2017 is available now - please, use the link below:

Quest for the Lost World, or palaeontological geotourism - Maria Andruszkiewicz-Gorzelak, Włodzimierz Mizerski (Received:2017.06.06 // Reviewed:2017.10.13; 2017.11.09 // Accepted:2018.05.07)

Posted: 2018-07-24

New articles in proofreading and editing


Joanna Barniak, Maciej Olucha - Pieniński Park Narodowy – atrakcyjność Pienin w oczach turystów. (Received:2018.05.17 // Reviewed:2018.05.23; 2018.06.11 // Accepted:2018.10.18)

Pavel Hronček, Barbara Hlavňová, Dana Tometzová, Ladislav Hvizdák, Miloš Jesenský - Tourism in extinct volcanic localities. (Received:2018.06.04 // Reviewed:2018.06.29; 2018.07.09 // Accepted:...?)

Piotr Migoń, Mateusz C. Strzelecki - Pali Aike Volcanic Field – a little known potential geotouristic destination in southernmost Chile. (Received:2018.06.11 // Reviewed:2018.06.21; 2018.06.19 // Accepted:...?)

Pavol Rybár, Pavel Hronček - Mining tourism and the search for its origins. (Received:2018.06.13 // Reviewed:2018.07.16; 2018.08.03 // Accepted: ...?)


Hamideh Beigi - Haraz Road (Iran) Geotrail. (Received:2018.07.09 // Reviewed: 2018.09.29; In second reviewing... // Accepted: ...?)

Janusz Łach, Agnieszka Rozenkiewicz, Krzysztof Widawski, Anna Zaręba, Alicja Krzemińska - The mining traditions of the Leszczyna area as a basis for the creation of a linear product within the framework of geotourism in the Kaczawskie Foothills. (Received:2018.07.23 // Reviewed:2018.08.20; 2018.08.20 // Accepted: ...?)

Posted: 2018-11-07

Issue 1-2(48-49)2017 - final version


Complete issue of Geotourism no 1-2(48-49)2017 is available now - please, visit the "CURRENT" subpage.

Anna Orłowska - Evaluation of geotourism potential of selected geological sites...
Janusz Łach - Geotouristic attractions of the Saaremaa Island in the opinion...

Jolanta Muszer, Antoni Muszer - Evaluation of the geotouristic attractions from...
Urban, Andrzej Tyc, Andrzej Kasza, Marceli Ślusarczyk - Scientific documentation required during caves exploration...
Robert Tarka - Związk geologii z historią jako podstawa tworzenia geoproduktów...

Posted: 2018-06-20