Adaptive SOA Stack-based Business Process Monitoring Platform


  • Przemysław Dadel AGH University of Science and Technology
  • Mariusz Balawajder AGH University of Science and Technology
  • Dominik Radziszowski AGH University of Science and Technology
  • Krzysztof Zieliński AGH University of Science and Technology



BPM (Business Process Monitoring), BAM (Business Activity Monitoring), OSGi, Adaptive SOA


Executable business processes that formally describe company activities are well placed in the SOA environment as they allow for declarative organization of high-level system logic.

However, for both technical and non-technical users, to fully benet from that element of abstraction
appropriate business process monitoring systems are required and existing solutions remain unsatisfactory.

The paper discusses the problem of business process monitoring in the context of the service orientation paradigm in order to propose an architectural solution and provide implementation of a system for business process monitoring that alleviates the shortcomings of the existing solutions.

Various platforms are investigated to obtain a broader view of the monitoring problem and to gather functional and non-functional requirements. These requirements constitute input for
the further analysis and the system design. The monitoring software is then implemented and evaluated according to the specied criteria.

An extensible business process monitoring system was designed and built on top of OSGiMM - a dynamic, event-driven, congurable communications layer that provides real-time monitoring capabilities for various types of resources. The system was tested against the stated functional requirements and its implementation provides a starting point for the further work.

It is concluded that providing a uniform business process monitoring solution that satises a wide range of users and business process platform vendors is a dicult endeavor. It is furthermore reasoned that only an extensible, open-source, monitoring platform built on top of a scalable
communication core has a chance to address all the stated and future requirements.


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Dadel, P., Balawajder, M., Radziszowski, D., & Zieliński, K. (2014). Adaptive SOA Stack-based Business Process Monitoring Platform. Computer Science, 15(2), 173.




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