Formal verification of the extension of iStar to support Big data projects


  • Chabane Djeddi LIRE Laboratory, Constantine 2- Abdelhamid Mehri University, Algeria
  • Nacer-eddine Zarour LIRE Laboratory, Constantine 2- Abdelhamid Mehri University, Algeria
  • Pierre-Jean Charrel Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès University, France



Big data, Requirements Engineering, iStar, iStar extension, formal checking


Identifying all the right requirements is indispensable for the success of any
system. These requirements need to be engineered with precision in the early
phases. Principally, late corrections costs are estimated to be more than 200
times as much as corrections during requirements engineering (RE). Especially
Big data area, it becomes more and more crucial due to its importance and
characteristics. In fact, and after literature analyzing, we note that currents
RE methods do not support the elicitation of Big data projects requirements. In
this study, we propose the BiStar novel method as extension of iStar to under-
take some Big data characteristics such as (volume, variety ...etc). As a first
step, we identify some missing concepts that currents requirements engineering
methods do not support. Next, BiStar, an extension of iStar is developed to
take into account Big data specifics characteristics while dealing with require-
ments. In order to ensure the integrity property of BiStar, formal proofs were
made, we perform a bigraph based description on iStar and BiStar. Finally, an
application is conducted on iStar and BiStar for the same illustrative scenario.
The BiStar shows important results to be more suitable for eliciting Big data
projects requirements.


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