Salt and pepper noise reduction and edge detection algorithm based on neutrosophic logic

P Arulpandy, M Trinita Pricilla


Neutrosophic set (NS) is a powerful tool to deal with indeterminacy. In this paper, the neutrosophic set is applied to the image domain and a novel edge detection technique is proposed. Noise reduction of images is a challenging task in image processing. Salt and pepper noise is one kind of noise that affects a grayscale image significantly. Generally, the median filter is used to reduce salt and pepper noise; it gives optimum results while compared to other image filters. Median filter works only up to a certain level of noise intensity. Here we proposed a neighborhood-based image filter called nbd-filter, it works perfectly for gray image regardless of noise intensity. It reduces salt and pepper noise significantly at any noise level and produces a noise-free image. Further, we proposed an edge detection algorithm based on the neutrosophic set, it detects
edges efficiently for images corrupted by noise and noise-free images. Since most of the real-life images consists of indeterminate regions, neutrosophy is a perfect tool for edge detection. The main advantage of the proposed edge detector is, it is a simple and efficient technique and detect edges more efficient than conventional edge detectors.


Neutrosophic set; Digital image processing; Image analysis; Image denoising; Edge detection

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