The Multi-Constrained Multicast Routing Improved by Hybrid Bacteria Foraging-Particle Swarm Optimization

Satya Prakash Sahoo, Manas Ranjan Kabat


To solve multicast routing under multiple constraints, it is required to generate a multicast tree that ranges from a source to the destinations with minimum cost subject to several constraints. In this paper, PSO has been embedded with BFO to improve the convergence speed and avoid premature convergence that will be used for solving QoS multicast routing problem. The algorithm proposed here generates a set of delay compelled links to every destination present in the multicast group. Then the Bacteria Foraging Algorithm (BFA) selects the paths to all the destinations sensibly from the set of least delay paths to construct a multicast tree. The robustness of the algorithm being proposed had been established through the simulation. The efficiency and effectiveness of the algorithm being proposed was validated through the comparison study with other existing meta-heuristic algorithms. It shows that our proposed algorithm IBF-PSO outperforms its competitive algorithms.


QoS routing, Multicasting, Particle Swarm Optimization, Bacteria Foraging Optimization

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