Akos Balasko, Zoltan Farkas, Peter Kacsuk


Enabling scientists to use remote distributed infrastructures, parametrizeand execute common science-domain applications transparently is actual anda highly relevant field of distributed computing. For this purpose a general so-lution is the concept of Science Gateways. WS-PGRADE/gUSE system offersa transparent and web-based interface to access distributed resources (grids,clusters or clouds), extended by a powerful generic purpose workflow editorand enactment system, which can be used to compose scientific applicationsinto data-flow based workflow structures. It’s a generic web-based portal so-lution to organize scientific applications in a workflow structure and executethem on remote computational resources. As the portal defines nodes as black-box applications uploaded by the users, it does not provide any applicationspecific interface by default. In this paper we show what kind of tools, APIsand interfaces are available in WS-PGRADE/gUSE to customize it to have anapplication specific gateway.

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