Dynamic Tile Free Scheduling for Code with Acyclic Inter-Tile Dependence Graphs

Włodzimierz Bielecki, Piotr Adam Skotnicki


Free scheduling is a task ordering technique under which instructions are executed
as soon as their operands become available. Coarsening the grain of
computations under the free schedule, by means of using groups of loop nest
statement instances (tiles) in place of single statement instances, increases the
locality of data accesses and reduces the number of synchronization events, and
as a consequence improves program performance. The paper presents an approach
for code generation allowing for the free schedule for tiles of arbitrarily
nested affine loops at run-time. The scope of the applicability of the introduced
algorithms is limited to tiled loop nests whose inter-tile dependence graphs are
cycle-free. The approach is based on the Polyhedral Model. Results of experiments
with the PolyBench benchmark suite, demonstrating significant tiled
code speed-up, are discussed.


optimizing compilers; tiling; task scheduling; parallel computing; dependence graph; data locality

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