Multiobjective optimization in the Airport Gate Assignment Problem, exact versus evolutionary multiobjective optimization


  • Ignacy Kaliszewski Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Science
  • Janusz Miroforidis Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Science
  • Jarosław Tomasz Stańczak Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Science



Airport Gate Assignment Problem, Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization, Mixed-integer Programming


In this paper, we approach the Airport Gate Assignment Problem by Multiobjective Optimization as well as Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization. We solve a bi-criteria formulation of this problem by the commercial mixedinteger programming solver CPLEX and a dedicated Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization algorithm. To deal with multiple objectives, we apply a methodology that we developed earlier to capture decision-maker preferences in multi-objective environments. We present the results of numerical tests for these two approaches.


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Kaliszewski, I., Miroforidis, J., & Stańczak, J. T. (2017). Multiobjective optimization in the Airport Gate Assignment Problem, exact versus evolutionary multiobjective optimization. Computer Science, 18(1), 41.