Analysis of Series of Measurements from Job-Centric Monitoring by Statistical Functions


  • Marcus Hilbrich s-lab -- Software Quality Lab, Universität Paderborn
  • Markus Frank Technische Universität Chemnitz



Job-centric monitoring, Monitoring, Similarity, Series of measurements, Statistical functions, Grid, Cloud, Analysis


The rising number of executed programs (jobs) enabled by the
growing amount of available resources from Clouds, Grids,
and HPC (for example) has resulted in an enormous number of
jobs. Nowadays, most of the executed jobs are mainly
unobserved, so unusual behavior, non-optimal resource usage,
and silent faults are not systematically searched and
analyzed. Job-centric monitoring enables permanent job
observation and, thus, enables the analysis of monitoring
data.  In this paper, we show how statistic functions can be
used to analyze job-centric monitoring data and how the
methods compare to more-complex analysis methods.
Additionally, we present the usefulness of job-centric
monitoring based on practical experiences.


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