Large-scale Research on Quality of Experience (QoE) Algorithms


  • Mikolaj Leszczuk
  • Blazej Szczerba
  • Andrzej Glowacz
  • Jan Derkacz
  • Andrzej Dziech
  • Piotr Romaniak



Video, compression, QoE, MOS, H.264


The large variety of video data sources means variability not only in terms ofincluded content, but also in terms of quality. Therefore, quality assessment pro-vides an additional dimension. The paper describes a comprehensive evaluationexperiment on perceived video quality. Consequently, in summary, 19 200 000video frames will be processed. Given the scale of the experiment, it is setup on a computer cluster in order to accelerate the calculations significantly.This work on Quality of Experience (QoE) is synchronized with that conductedby the Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG), in particular the Joint EffortsGroup (JEG) – Hybrid group project.


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Leszczuk, M., Szczerba, B., Glowacz, A., Derkacz, J., Dziech, A., & Romaniak, P. (2013). Large-scale Research on Quality of Experience (QoE) Algorithms. Computer Science, 14(1), 63.