Thermoelectric Properties of Pyrite in the Supra-Ore Level of Gold Mineralization (Ukrainian Carpathians)




minerals-semiconductors, thermo – e.m.f., thermoelectroconductivity, sulphides, pyrite, typomorphism of minerals, gold.


The thermoelectric properties of different-aged generations of pyrite from Lostun (Chyvchyny ore region) Tukalo and Kamin-Kliovka (Лостунь, Тукало, Камінь-Кльовка) (Rakhiv ore region) ore manifestations are investigated. The research included traditional geological observations with the collection of samples of various hosting ores, together with mineralogical analysis measuring their reflective power and the thermo electro-motive force of pyrite. Two pyrite generations (pyrite I and pyrite II) have been revealed by the investigation’s results. The crystals belonging to the generations differ morphologically quite vividly (pyrite I has the form of a pentagonal dodecahedron, while pyrite II takes the form of a cube) and have different thermoelectrical properties. Pyrite I testifies to the fact that in the direction from the central parts of crystals with a pentagonal-dodecahedron tendency to its surface, the thermoelectrical properties essentially change. In particular, the central parts of pyrite I crystals have electron conductivity while its faces are mainly hole ones. Such essential changes of the pyrite thermoelectrical properties from the central parts of the crystals to their peripheral ones are probably mostly caused by quantitative changes of element admixtures in the crystalline lattice. However, the pyrite II thermoelectrical properties investigation results testify that this mineral has only hole-conductivity. Thus, in terms of general thermo-e.m.f. (electromagnetic field) as well as selections range, the thermoelectric properties of the pyrite from the Lostun and Tukalo ore manifestations and the Sauliak (Сауляк) auriferous deposit are similar. The comparative character of the pyrite thermoelectric properties from the investigated ore manifestations, the Sauliak deposit and other auriferous deposits testify to the supra-ore level of the gold mineralization in Tukalo and Lostun objects and make it possible to assume that erosion shear of the gold mineralization in Tukalo ore manifestation is similar to the Sauliak deposit erosive shear and is deeper in comparison to the Lostun ore manifestation. 




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Kostyuk, O. (2022). Thermoelectric Properties of Pyrite in the Supra-Ore Level of Gold Mineralization (Ukrainian Carpathians). Journal of Geotechnology and Energy, 39(1).