Evaluation of training programs by medical employees in a chosen hospital in Poland

Beata Detyna, Jerzy Detyna, Anna Dudek-Kajewska


This article contains the results of research on the evaluation of the training offer addressed to the medical staff of one of the largest Polish specialist hospitals. The authors have used surveys addressed to employees: doctors and nurses. On the basis of numeral data received from the respondents, two “quality maps” have been drawn that show the opinion of “white coat”workers (doctors and nurses) about the hospital training offer. This work presents similarities and differences between assessments of doctors and nurses. A short description of the hospital as well as its weaknesses and strengths has been presented. A direction of possible changes has been indicated by the employees. The authors indicate the significance of training programs in order to gain work satisfaction, and the role of the personnel strategy to achieve the objectives. They emphasize the significance of aimed professional development in a health-care-providing institution where knowledge and skills have an influence on the health and lives of patients. Research results showed the validity of the practical use of the quality map in the process of hospital management. This tool allows us to get answers about which areas (according to respondents) carrying out corrective actions are recommended.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7494/manage.2016.17.2.203


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