Managerial Economics

In 2015 Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland assigned 13 points to Managerial Economics (see the respective journal ranking list published by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education on 23.12.2015).

The main aim of Managerial Economics is to draw more attention to major decision problems and to present the principles of economic analysis which are required for optimal decision-making (i.e. making the decisions which are most appropriate taking into account the conditions in which the company and the economy operate and the factors that are necessary for the implementation of a given economic project). Managerial economics examines and analyses the functioning mechanisms of modern market economies. Following those trends the main scopes of the journal include:

  • discussion on the results of research which lead to a better understanding of decision-making problems and deepening the state of knowledge on the functioning mechanisms of modern economies, which are constantly becoming more complex,
  • presentation of the principles of economic analysis which may help in making optimal decisions in the light of business process and its individual elements, and an evaluation of the practical suitability of particular methods and results of analyses,
  • identification of the key decision-making problems which are being nowadays faced by managers,
  • evaluation of achievements in the field of the theoretical foundations of managerial decisions, which undoubtedly facilitates an understanding of the essence of the economic phenomena occurring at the interface between business entities and the economic environment,
  • presentation of the results of comprehensive analyses of investment decisions in the public and private sectors (including public project financing) taken in conditions of uncertainty.

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Volume 21 issue 1

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Posted: 2020-11-02
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Vol 21, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents


Jessica Hastenteufel, Sabrina Kiszka
Somdeb Lahiri
Oleh Risnyy