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IMPORTANT INFORMATION for AUTHORS - only article that:

can be qualified for publication in the GEOTOURISM journal.

Additional information:

The GEOTOURISM (Geoturystyka) magazine, published by the AGH University of Science and Technology, present scientific and information papers as well as survey reports devoted to all aspects of global geotourism. Magazine is intended for anyone interested in promotion and protection of geological heritage, geological education and the popularization of Earth Sciences. Journal focuses on geological and geomorphological issues in tourism but also on wider geographical context as well as impacts of geotourism in social, economic, and cultural aspects.

The main scopes include:
  • presentation of unique sites and areas of geological and geomorphological values in terms of the ability to create geotourist attraction
  • comparative analysis of the existing geo-infrastructure in various countries
  • valuation methodology of the natural environment in tourism
  • ways to share to explore of geosites and create geo-product
  • method of interpretation of geological knowledge to a wider audience
  • methods for creating an geotourist object, its functions and importance
  • providing service facil



Forthcoming GEOTOURISM issue 1-2(48-49)2017


Anna Orłowska - Evaluation of geotourism potential of selected geological sites in the eastern part of the borderland between the Siedlce Upland and Łuków Plain. (Received: 2017.01.23 // Accepted: 2017.10.09)

Janusz Łach - Geotouristic attractions of the Saaremaa Island in the opinion of tourists. (Received: 2017.02.17 // Accepted: 2017.11.27)

Jolanta Muszer, Antoni Muszer - Evaluation of the geotouristic attractions from the Wojcieszów area. (Received: 2017.07.06 //  Accepted: 2017.11.14)

Jan Urban, Andrzej Tyc, Andrzej Kasza, Marceli Ślusarczyk - Scientific documentation required during caves exploration and technical works in show caves: examples from central Poland. (Received: 2017.06.20 // Accepted: 2017.12.15)

Robert Tarka - Związk geologii z historią jako podstawa tworzenia geoproduktów na obszarze Geoparku Przedgórze Sudeckie – fakty i perspektywy. (Received: 2017.06.19 // Accepted: 2017.12.15 )

Posted: 2017-12-15
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