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The journal has been published as GEOTURYSTYKA (Geotourism) since 2004, firstly in Polish with English summary. Since 2011 the journal is published as a GEOTOURISM (Geoturystyka) journal in English with wide Polish summary. This journal has been one of the first scientific title concerning geotourism/geopark topics in the Central Europe and authors were from several European countries and from other continents as well. GEOTOURISM has wide spectrum of publications both from primary geology, geomorphology, geography and active tourism with close connections with Earth sciences. 




Future Issue 1–2 (60–61) 2020



Piotr Migoń, Edyta Pijet-Migoń - Not simply volcanoes – The Geoheritage of the Cretaceous System in the Land of the Extinct Volcanoes Geopark, West Sudetes (SW Poland). (Received: 2020.12.20 // Reviewed: 2021.01.18; 2021.01.26 // Accepted: 2021.04.04)

Maciej Dzięgiel - The geotouristic attractiveness of the underground trails in Zabrze, Dąbrowa Górnicza and Tarnowskie Góry towns (Silesian Upland). (Received: 2021.01.22 // Reviewed: 2021.03.16; 2021.03.08 // Accepted: 2021.07.20)

Błażej Błażejowski, Andrzej Wierzbowski - The Owadów-Brzezinki geoeduction area at Sławno. (Received: 2021.07.29 // Reviewed: 2021.08.02; 2021.08.04 // Accepted: 2021.10.11)



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No. 3-4(62-63) (2020)
Published: 2022-03-28


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