Cooperation platform for distributed manufacturing


  • Roman Pietroń Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Dept. of Operations Research and Business Intelligence



management, distributed manufacturing, resource allocation


The aim of the paper is to analyse contemporary trends in distributed manufacturing (DM) research and to present a concept to develop and test some task allocation, planning and scheduling algorithms for DM network organisations. Some concepts to identify key factor criteria and reasoning policies and rules for production/manufacturing decision support system are also undertaken. And finally, an aim is to draw a proposal for a development of a prototype decision support system with necessary communication and knowledge oriented modules to be implemented in an example of dynamic, DM and logistics network structure, particularly for very popular dynamic cluster forms in Poland. The developed concept of the organization of a multi-entity DM network will enable business-effective use of the system, supporting manufacturing decision making, consulting and offering information services in the control centre (the so-called Competence Centre) by constructing virtual reality and access to services in a distributed network of cloud computing type. Integration of the whole system into one information system will enable analysis and network resource optimization of manufacturing and logistics processes, new analytical functions, reduction of delays in the manufacturing system, management of changes and risks, and visualization of the current state of the DM system.


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