Effect of Titanium Alloying of Zn-Al-Cu Alloys for High Pressure Die Casting in Production Conditions


  • Łukasz Pasierb Saga Poland, Guzowska 4, 96-515 Teresin, Poland
  • Jan Łakomski Saga Poland, Guzowska 4, 96-515 Teresin, Poland
  • Krzysztof Figurski Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Narbutta St. 85, 02-524 Warsaw, Poland




The paper presents the possibility of the industrial production of Zn4Al3Cu alloy with the addition of 0.41% Ti. Tests are described on the manner of introducing the ZnTi2 master alloy to the alloy, so that the chemical composition of the desirable elements proportion is obtained. The chemical persistence of the Zn4Al3CuTi was determined as low in the conditions of the long heating of the alloy before casting. Tests on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the obtained alloys were also conducted. The strength of the die-cast Zn4Al3Cu alloy was 265 MPa and, when measured on samples taken from the high pressure die-cast, it reached 369 MPa. It was determined that the addition of titanium to the Zn4Al3Cu alloy causes significant refinement of the structure and contributes to the formation of intermetallic phases.


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Pasierb, Łukasz, Łakomski, J., & Figurski, K. (2023). Effect of Titanium Alloying of Zn-Al-Cu Alloys for High Pressure Die Casting in Production Conditions. Journal of Casting &Amp; Materials Engineering, 7(4), 56–62. https://doi.org/10.7494/jcme.2023.7.4.56