Elevator Trip Distribution for Inconsistent Passenger Input-Output Data

Kiyoshi Yoneda


Accurate traffic data are the basis for group control of elevators and its performance evaluation by trace driven simulation. The present practice estimates a time series of inter-floor passenger traffic based on commonly available elevator sensor data. The method demands that the sensor data be transformed into sets of passenger input-output data which are consistent in the sense that the transportation preserves the number of passengers. Since observation involves various behavioral assumptions, which may actually be violated, as well as measurement errors, it has been necessary to apply data adjustment procedures to secure the consistency. This paper proposes an alternative algorithm which reconstructs elevator passenger origin-destination tables from inconsistent passenger input-output data sets, thus eliminating the ad hoc data adjustment.


trac problems; inverse problems; estimation; operation research

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7494/dmms.2007.1.2.175


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