BPMN – A Logical Model and Property Analysis

Antoni Ligęza


Business Process Modeling Notation has become a powerful and widely accepted visual language for modeling business processes. Despite its expressive power and high usability, a weak point of BPMN is the lack of formal semantics and difficulties with assuring correctness of the overall process. In this paper an attempt is made towards investigation and development of foundations for a logical, declarative model for BPMN. Such model should enable formal analysis of desired properties referring to correct operation of Business Processes modeled with use of BPMN.


Business Process Modeling Notation, BPMN, Business Rules, Rule-Based Systems, eXtended Tabular Trees, XTT, XTT2, System Verification, Formal Analysis, Declarative Model

Full Text:


DOI: https://doi.org/10.7494/dmms.2011.5.1.57


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