geotourismThe journal has been published as GEOTURYSTYKA (Geotourism) since 2004, firstly in Polish with English summary. Since 2011 the journal is published as a GEOTOURISM (Geoturystyka) magazine in English with wide Polish summary. Since 2015, in special cases, the Editorial Board may accept the publication of the article in Polish, with an English summary only. This journal has been one of the first scientific title concerning geoturism/geopark topics in the Central Europe and authors were from several European countries and from other continents as well. GEOTOURISM has wide spectrum of publications both from primary geology, geomorphology, geography and active tourism with close connections with Earth sciences.



The main scopes include:

  • presentation of unique sites and areas of geological and geomorphological values in terms of the ability to create geotourist attraction,
  • comparative analysis of the existing geo-infrastructure in various countries,
  • valuation methodology of the natural environment in tourism,
  • ways to share to explore of geosites and create geo-product,
  • method of interpretation of geological knowledge to a wider audience,
  • methods for creating an geotourist object, its functions and importance,
  • providing service facilities in geotourism,
  • research problems of geodiversity assessment,
  • geological knowledge at different levels of education
  • importance of the geotourism in geoconservation and the methods of protecting geosites against tourist traffic,
  • creation and management of geoparks,
  • planning and management in geotourism.

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Articles in GEOTOURISM no (54-55)2018 & (56-57)2019 - in editing



Krzysztof Moskwa, Krzysztof Miraj - Geoturystyka w pracy dydaktyczno-wychowawczej nauczyciela geografii // Geotourism applied to the didactic and educational work of a geography teacher. (Received: 2018.11.18 // Reviewed: 2019.03.11; 2019.04.16 // Accepted: 2019.07.12)

Zbigniew Złonkiewicz, Anna Mader - Walory geoedukacyjne kamieniołomu Zachełmie w Górach Świętokrzyskich // Geoeducational values of the Zachełmie quarry in the Holy Cross Mountains. (Received: 2018.10.22 // Reviewed: 2019.02.28; 2019.02.28 // Accepted: 2019.09.30)

Anna Fijałkowska-Mader, Grzegorz Pabian, Paweł Król - Ośrodek Tradycji Garncarstwa w Chałupkach (Góry Świętokrzyskie) jako obiekt geoturystyczny // Pottery Tradition Centre at Chałupki (Holy Cross Mts) as a geoturistic object. (Received:2018.10.29 // Reviewed: 2018.12.17; 2019.03.10 // Accepted: 2019.10.30)

Marek W. Lorenc, Małgorzata Janusz - Geotouristic aspects of the Geopark Cabo de Gata-Nijar (Andalusia, Spain) // Geoturystyczne aspekty Geoparku Cabo de Gata-Nijar (Andaluzja, Hiszpania). (Received: 2019.01.09 // Reviewed: 2019.02.26; 2019.03.04 // Accepted: 2019.09.30)

Anna Waśkowska, Svitlana Hnylko, Sofia Bakayeva, Jan Golonka, Tadeusz Słomka, Larysa Heneralova - Rocky forms in the Yamna Sandstone (Skyba Nappe, Outer Carpathians, Ukraine) // Formy skałkowe z piaskowca jamneńskiego (płaszczowina skibowa, Karpaty Zewnętrzne, Ukraina). (Received: 2019.03.04 // Reviewed: 2019.05.10; 2019.05.16 // Accepted: 2019.09.30)

Ewa M. Welc, Krzysztof Miśkiewicz - Geoturystyka i geoedukacja w rezerwacie przyrody nieożywionej „Prządki” im. prof. Henryka Świdzińskiego // Geotourim and geoeducation in the “Prządki” inanimate nature reserve, in memory of prof Henryk Świdziński.  (Received: 2019.10.30 // Reviewed: 2019.11.04; 2019.11.05 // Accepted: 2019.11.12)

Posted: 2019-11-14
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