(Trans)national intergenerational care contract. Attitudes and practises of transnational families towards elderly care

Łukasz Krzyżowski


In this article I am focused on the functioning of the transnational intergenerational care system. This is dynamic,as it is bound up with the life cycle of the transnational family, and on the one hand, denotes practices associatedwith any assistance parents provide to their migrant children and on the other – in the event of elderly peoplebeing faced with health and basic living problems – with the phenomenon of migrants caring for their parentsin old age. The transnational system of care also incorporates the involvement (or lack of involvement, as faras this triggers consequences that are of relevance here) of relatively immobile people, for example the siblingsof migrants who provide (or not, as the case may be) domestic support for their elderly parents. In this articleI adopt the thesis that migrants who function in different care regimes change not only their own but also theirparents’ attitudes towards elderly care.


transnational families; elderly care; migration; social remittances

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7494/human.2014.13.2.103-117


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