CALL FOR PAPERS: Adversity encountered on the road to gender diversity – women and men in high business positions and in scientific domains


Gender diversity in STEM fields, especially in business and in academia, has been gaining more and more attention among policy makers and the general public (see e.g.: Beede et al., 2011; Blickenstaff, 2005; Cheryan, Ziegler, Montoya & Jiang, 2017; Sadler, Sonnert, Hazari & Tai, 2012). Significant societal changes combined with deliberate actions to introduce gender equality have meant that the number of women in science domains, academia and leadership positions has been slowly growing in recent years. Yet disparity is still noticeable and in some domains, such as IT, it is actually quite substantial. Several social, psychological and cultural factors have a hand in this phenomenon.

The gender pay gap is also stable and persistent. Even when controlling for domain and position, women still earn significantly less than men. Another vital issue concerns maternal duties, which strongly impact women’s career and vocational decisions. A vast body of scientific research has addressed those and other analogous topics, yet new studies and new approaches are still in demand. These issues are of high importance in terms of identifying socio-cultural mechanisms influencing gender inequality.

Gender diversity is also gaining the attention of business representatives, as the gaps in some crucial competences (like IT skills, leadership skills) are impacting staffing decisions in many organizations. This special issue of Studia Humanistyczne AGH is a result of cooperation between the Diversity Hub Think Tank and AGH University of Science and Technology.

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CALL FOR PAPERS "The Deficit of Trust in Contemporary Food Cultures"


We invite the submission of papers on contemporary food fears and socially expressed food critiques, as well as on various responses to them. The special issue of Contribution to Humanities (Studia Humanistyczne AGH) aims to become an arena for discussing and problematising the locally diversified narratives of distrust toward contemporary food systems. 

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Studia Humanistyczne AGH/Contributions to Humanities has been approved for inclusion in ERIH PLUS


The journal has been approved for inclusion in ERIH PLUS.

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