Extraction of Scores and Average From Algerian High-School Degree Transcripts

Abderrahmane Kefali, Soumia Drabsia, Toufik Sari, Mohammed Chaoui, Chokri Ferkous


A system for extracting scores and average from Algerian High School Degree Transcripts is proposed. The system extracts the scores and the average based on the localization of the tables gathering this information and it consists of several stages. After preprocessing, the system locates the tables using ruling-lines information as well as other text information. Therefore, the adopted localization approach can work even in the absence of certain ruling-lines or the erasure and discontinuity of lines. After that, the localized tables are segmented into columns and the columns into information cells. Finally, cells labeling is done based on the prior knowledge of the tables structure allowing to identify the scores and the average. Experiments have been conducted on a local dataset in order to evaluate the performances of our system and compare it with three public systems at three levels, and the obtained results show the effectiveness of our system.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7494/csci.2020.21.1.3400